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VIP Access for Mobile: VIP Access for Desktop: VIP Security Card: VIP Security Token (Model HAI08) VIP Security Token (Model HV08). To use the VIP Security Token for two-step verification at your personal websites, you must also register the token at those websites: Go to the website where you want to use the VIP Security Token and enable two-step verification. When you are prompted, enter your credential ID and a security code on the website registration page FAQ: Where can I get a VIP Credential ID or token? From a computer, visit the Symantec VIP download page. From a mobile device, download the app from the Google Play Store (Android) or the Apple App Store (iOS/iPadOS). I can't log in with my VIP credential 1. Download Symantec VIP to your computer. 2. Register your computer with Symantec VIP by contacting the Technology Support team. 3. Access Remote Office, Outlook on the web or other applications (for example, my Choice) using the soft token on your computer. INSTALL SYMANTEC VIP ON YOUR COMPUTER 1. Launch the internet browser and go to: https.

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It's a small device that enables a 2 Factor Authentication mechanism, which generates an OTP which, when used together with your password let's you to a VPN. How can I sync my VIP token or VIP card? To sync your hardware credential, click Test on the VIP website. Enter your credential ID and enter your two consecutive security codes to sync. The software-based credentials (iOS, Android) are auto-synced through the VIP Access applications ** Download VIP Access here: https://vip.symantec.com NOTE: The 8 characters following the 4-digit static prefix may include alphanumeric values The VIP Access Toolbar token (VSST) is no longer available or supported Symantec VIP Access for Desktop helps protect your online accounts and transactions by: Providing strong, two factor authentication when logging into your VIP-enabled accounts. Use VIP Access at participating organizations such as eBay, PayPal, E*TRADE, Facebook, Google, or any one of the hundreds of sites within the VIP Network: https://vip.symantec.com. Was this helpful? Yes No. The content.

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  1. Navigate to Start > All Programs > Symantec > VIP Integration Settings. The VIP Integration Settings dialog box is displayed. Edit the following field... Configuring VIP Authentication Service. Integration Guide for MSFT IIS. Complete the procedures in this section if you chose VIP Authentication Service as your VIP Authentication mode. If you chose RADIUS server as your VI... Configuring.
  2. What is a security code? A security code is a six-digit number displayed on your credential that you use to complete your sign-in. If you do not have your credential, click Help on this page for more options. A security code is only valid once
  3. For MSS users, the MSS Portal employs the Symantec Validation & ID Protection (VIP) token for secure two-factor authentication. If you do not yet have a VIP token, please visit https://idprotect.vip.symantec.com/mainmenu.v to obtain one
  4. To access the Self Service Portal, enter your user name and password, and click Sign In
  5. 1. Download the Symantec VIP app to the device. 2. Register the device with Symantec VIP by contacting the Technology Support team. 3. Access Remote Office, Outlook on the web or other applications (for example, my Choice) using the soft token on the device. DOWNLOAD THE SYMANTEC VIP APP TO YOUR DEVICE 1. From the Home screen, tap App Store. 2

Symantec VIP authenticator (token) is a time-based one-time password (OTP) token with an LCD screen to display the 6-digit OTP code. The code changes every 30 seconds. The Symantec VIP authenticator (token) can bring an extra level of security to your accounts keeping them from unauthorized access through stolen or lost credentials Yubico offers YubiKeys configured to work with Symantec VIP two-factor authentication service, allowing the keys to work as a Symantec Security Credential token with relying parties. Talk to us to order these custom configured YubiKeys. Minimum purchase of 500 units required

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1. Open VIP Access Desktop. 2. Click on the icon in the top-left of the application window and select Settings.. 3. Click Reset. For other credential types such as VIP Access for Mobile and hard tokens, follow these steps Symantec Help Center - Browse All Topics. About two-step verification. How VIP enables two-step verification. My VIP. Managing two-step verification . Authentication methods. About authentication methods . Managing authentication methods. Managing authentication methods . Troubleshooting VIP Access Mobile. Common issues and solutions for My VIP and VIP Access Mobile . Troubleshooting VIP. Symantec Hard Tokens, offered through a strategic partnership with Symantec Corporation, provide hacker-resistant multi-factor authentication for online banking transactions. Based on time synchronization technology, this authentication device solution generates a simple, one-time authentication code that changes at the push of a button

  1. The credential ID is typically a 12-character alphanumeric identifier that is recognized by VIP Manager once the credential has been registered. This ID associates the credential with your account. What is a security code? A security code is a six-digit number displayed on your credential that you use to complete your sign-in. A security code is only valid once. If you use a particular.
  2. The Symantec Validation & ID Protection (VIP) token helps protect your online ACH and Wire transactions. It provides an additional unique security code to originate and/or authorize certain transactions after you have logged in with your user name and password
  3. Symantec VIP enables a superior user experience through transparent risk analysis and software-based or hard token 2FA credentials. Protect The Enterprise Symantec VIP reduces the risk of data breaches, inappropriate access, and identity theft, and lowers the cost of operations by reducing online fraud
  4. The Symantec VIP authenticator (token) can bring an extra layer of security to your accounts and protect them from unauthorized access and phishing attacks. Product information Package Dimensions 3.35 x 1.18 x 0.08 inches Item Weight 0.211 ounces Manufacturer FEITIAN Technologies ASIN B07YGYLY9D Customer Reviews: 2.1 out of 5 stars 3 ratings. 2.1 out of 5 stars Best Sellers Rank #5,292 in USB.
  5. When you initialise Symantec VIP, it generates a new random credential, but not one compatible with TOTP. VIP credentials start with 4 letters and then 8 digits. TOTP credentials are usually 32 letters, often represented as a QR code. Creating a QR code is a nice to have (I only have to type in those 32 letters once, so I did without that)
  6. Download the VIP Access application on the new phone. Log in to https://.symantec.com; Under Two-Factor Authentication: Secondary Methods select 'Add a new method'. Select 'VIP Security Token' and click Next. Enter your Credential ID and six-digit code as seen in your VIP Access application
  7. Symantec VIP also provides a secure token to connect to a VPN client that our IT users frequently use especially when they travel outside of the country. Pros and Cons. The UI is intuitive and simple to use and navigate. When generating a secure token to be used for VPN access, all the navigation is clear and intuitive. There is no confusion when our users use Symantec VIP. Every generated.
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Please use the form on the right to log on to the system. PLEASE NOTE: Access and use permitted for authorized purposes only. Violators will be prosecuted In the Register Symantec VIP Credential page, enter the Symantec VIP Credential ID. 10. In the Security Code 1 field, enter the Security Code currently displayed on your VIP token. 11. Wait for the Security Code on your VIP token to change, then in the Security Code 2 field, enter the new Security Code. 12. Optionally, type a name for your token. 13. Click Register. Once your is set up. Through our partnership with Symantec, Fidelity offers you free use of Symantec's Validation and ID Protection (VIP) Access app, which generates a randomized 6-digit code on your Mac, PC, or mobile phone each time you attempt to log in. To complete your , you'll then be prompted to enter the code from your VIP app, which is valid for 30 seconds. Note: If you use a financial aggregator. VIP Access for Mobile . iOS. Android. VIP Access for Computer . Mac Mac OS X 10.12 or higher. Windows Windows ® 7 SP1, Windows ® 8, 8.1 and 10.

If you have a VIP Security Token: Press the button on the device. Use the six-digit security code you see on the front of the device to Sign In. If you have a VIP Security Card: Press the button on the card. Use the six-digit security code you see in the upper right corner of the card to Sign In. If you have VIP Access: Use the six-digit security code that is displayed to Sign In. You must. VIP provides a wide variety of software-based and hard token two-factor authentication credentials to make s more secure. Combining risk assessment and multi-factor credentials enables an intelligent, layered, security approach. This approach prevents inappropriate access and online identity fraud without impacting the user experience

Help; Sign I There is a way to generate a Symantec VIP Access compatible token very easily if you have access to an environment which can run Python PIP. I happen to have Ubuntu Windows Subsystem Linux running on my machine. (If you are running Windows 10 and don't have this you should really check it out. Symantec VIP Security products are easy to set up and operate. The user friendly design is simple, but offers big security. No support or training is required for operation. This product can be combined with different platforms, including PCs, telephones, Internet kiosks, and mobile phones. Versatility means users are never locked out of their accounts, no matter what device they are using Symantec VIP Access Installation Guide Prepared: 08 Nov 2015 Version: 1.0 4 3 Installing the software token on smartphones a) Search for Symantec VIP Access in Google Play or Apple App Store. b) Download and install the application on the smart phone. c) Launch the application, note the 12-digit VIP Credential ID

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Under Two-Factor Authentication: Secondary Methods select 'Add a new method'. Select 'VIP Security Token' and click Next. Enter your Credential ID and six-digit code as seen in your VIP Access application. This will help you set up VIP Access on your new cell phone Symantec warrants that it will repair or replace, at Symantec's election, the VIP credential issued to you which is found to be defective up to three years after the original shipment date for the VIP credential in accordance with the Symantec Validation & ID Protection End User Agreement that you entered into upon the purchase of your VIP credential The security token is not designed to be taken apart. Inside the SQEX token is a CR2032 Lithium cell that is in a standard slide-in contact retainer. While these batteries are easy to find, the token cannot be opened without mangling it (or sawing it carefully to separate the two halves. Even if you do manage to open the token, you CANNOT lose power to the device, so a simple battery swap will. Reregister VIP SW Token. World's Most Famous Hacker Kevin Mitnick & KnowBe4's Stu Sjouwerman Opening Keynote - Duration: 36:30. Cyber Investing Summit 1,104,643 view Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube

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The online service that I use on my job requires me to authenticate through Symantec VIP Access. I've managed to get VIP Access Desktop to work on CrossOver Linux 15.0.1. However, when I try to register the soft token on this online service site, I'm consistently getting: Quote: Token validation failed. Failed to activate the token. I tried this software on two other platforms: VIP Access. Blocked tokens (YubiKeys which were once active, but are now either reset by the end user or the Okta admin.) To enable Symantec VIP for multifactor authentication, you must upload a certificate. You should obtain your certificate from the Symantec VIP Manager before you can configure this option. On the Symantec VIP tab, use Browse to upload your VIP certificate. It must be in .p12 (PKCS. Symantec™ VIP Access Data Sheet: Authentication Key Benefits • Easy to deploy: Download app to mobile device without lengthy URLs, activation codes, or IT involvement - just download and run • Extensive Support: Available on over 900 devices, including iOS®, Android™, Windows® Phone, and Blackberry® • Globally available: Cloud-based service offers superior security and is always. Log in to internet banking, and go to 'Settings' > 'Manage Symantec VIP' Click on 'Register token' and follow the prompts If you are unable to download the Symantec VIP Access app please contact us on 132 888 or visit a branch for other options

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Symantec VIP Access helps protect your online accounts and transactions by using a strong authentication process when you sign in to your VIP-enabled accounts. • Strong authentication: Provides.. A VIP certificate to secure communications to the Symantec VIP Service. Your client must attach this VIP certificate when you make API requests. Obtaining the VIP certificate. 1.2. Obtaining the VIP certificate . You need a certificate for client authentication to secure communications and identify your client to the Symantec VIP Service. The VIP certificate is used as a TLS/SSL client. For larger quantities, we can offer pre-provisioning hardware tokens for Symantec VIP as a service, so you will only have to activate the tokens in Symantec VIP Manager. Tokens will be labeled with Credential IDs (text + QR codes) using paper stickers on the token packaging. Contact us to request a quote for this service Symantec Validation and ID Protection Service (VIP) Out-of-box self-service application-including token activation, token synchronization. Due to Broadcom acquisition of Symantec, orders may be delayed VIP on iOS 5 steps user needs to take before OS upgrade to retain their current token: iOS 5x: VIP Access for iPad does not validate security code after upgrading from iOS 6.x to iOS 7: iOS 6x, 7x: Symantec Identity Protection (VIP) security codes are not generated after syncing to a new iPhone: All iO

VIP Tokens price today is $0.000600 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of not available. VIP Tokens has no change in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #2447, with a market cap of $50,084.43 USD. It has a circulating supply of 83,450,403 VIP coins and the max. supply is not available. You can find the top exchanges to trade VIP Tokens listed on ou With Symantec VIP, organizations can also deploy hardware or software one-time-password (OTP) tokens, mobile OTP tokens, and SMS or voice-enabled OTP authentication. The Symantec VIP cloud-based approach enables organizations to scale to millions of users easily and cost-effectively, without requiring in-premise authentication servers. 1. Authentication Process More Information Visit our. These cookies are necessary for the website to function and cannot be switched off in our systems. They are usually only set in response to actions made by you which amount to a request for services, such as setting your privacy preferences, logging in or filling in forms

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Symantec Validation & ID Protection (VIP) Access for Mobile is a one-time password credential that can be accessed from your mobile phone. VIP Access for Mobile works with the VIP Authentication. This guide assumes that the Symantec VIP Access Soft Token software has been installed on the user's Windows desktop. If you do not have the software installed please contact the CVS Health IT Service Center for the installation and registration guide. The software installation does need to be run by someone with local administrator rights

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The Symantec VIP Feitian Hardware Authenticator is a user-friendly, cloud-based, strong authentication service that provides secure access to sensitive data and applications anytime, anywhere, from any device Symantec mit den VIP Token verschwanden irgendwann von der Bildfläche. Ursprünglich verkaufte PayPal die Sicherheitstoken noch selbst, nun nicht mehr und man verweist auf die SMS-Funktion als Zweit-Faktor zur Anmeldung. Da die SMS aber bei weitem nicht so sicher ist wie es der Symantec-Token war bin ich auf Suche gewesen With two-factor authentication, a password is used along with a security token and authentication server to provide far better security. Authorized employees can access company resources safely using a variety of devices, ranging from laptops to mobile phones. FortiToken 200 provides affordable, easy to implement hardware tokens to support environments where strong authentication is needed. Browser Page Has Expired. Select Continue to Sign In again.. Continu

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Symantec VIP Access Manager solves cloud security problems using identity and/or context-based access control across multiple cloud applications. In the cloud, where a traditional enterprise perimeter doesn't exist, this solution fills the gap. Through Symantec VIP Access Manager, administrators can define policies that utilize the built-in user directory or existing identity management. Symantec VIP Access helps protect your online accounts and transactions by using a strong authentication process when you sign in to your VIP-enabled accounts. • Strong authentication: Provides strong, two-factor authentication when logging into your VIP-enabled accounts. • QR/App Code: Scan a QR Code to generate site-specific security codes for strong two-factor authentication to your. Symantec mit den VIP Token verschwanden irgendwann von der Bildfläche. Ursprünglich verkaufte PayPal die Sicherheitstoken noch selbst, nun nicht mehr und man verweist auf die SMS-Funktion als Zweit-Faktor zur Anmeldung. Da die SMS aber bei weitem nicht so sicher ist wie es der Symantec-Token war bin ich auf Suche gewesen. Das eigentliche Problem wird vermutlich sein, dass Symantec aus. Symantec VIP token authentication; Site Tracker account - Requested via the MSSD; Credentials explained: One Identity - these are yoru MBNL citrix or Remedy credentials; Symantec VIP - This is the MBNL authentication token; More detials below; One Identity registration guides: One Identity quick setup guide - Click Here; Detailed user onboarding guide - Click Here; Site Tracker .

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The Symantec VIP Access Desktop token installation has two parts. The first step is to install the application on your computer. The second step is to register the token with CUNA Mutual Group from your web browser. Step One - From your computer • If you are not using a CMFG provided computer, you will need to have administrator rights on your computer. Contact your IT area for assistance. Online shopping from a great selection at Electronics Store Generate Symantec VIP Access Token as OTP. Recently I came across a web service that required two-factor authentication using the Symantec VIP Access App.I already manage all of my OTP tokens in a different app (If you are on iOS I highly recommend using OTP Auth by Roland Moers.) and did not want to have to use yet another app to generate the TOTP.. I've been using Authy in place of Symantec's VIP app for several months. I've had no problems with access and I feel more comfortable I can access my account if I break or lose my phone. In addition to Authy, oathtool also can generate tokens on the command line. Install it with Pip and then using my example credential, generate the token. Security of the token hardware: It's important to make sure that the hardware token is delivered to the correct end user, With Symantec VIP we're seeing more interest in using our passwordless authentication that does away with the password in favor of two of the more secure factors - the device and a fingerprint. The driver seems to be the desire to improve the user experience, but not.

View the sourcing details of the buying request titled Symantec. VIP Token, including both product specification and requirements for supplier. Made-in-China.com helps global buyers match their buying requests with the right supplier efficiently The VIP Access app for iOS is pretty ugly (in my opinion) I would prefer to have all of my tokens generated with one application/hardware device; Since it appeared as though no one else had done so, I decided to reverse engineer Symantec's VIP client myself. Prior Work. I originally started working on this project around this time last year. I.

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How-To: Installation Symantec VIP Access The following are the steps for multi-factor authentication through soft token. Step 1: Download Symantec VIP Access Desktop Softwar Broadcom Inc The token code is located on the bottom and will change every 30 seconds. To install Symantec VIP on a new device, follow the steps above. Once you've installed it, confirm that both credential IDs are associated with your user account. To do this, after logging in, click on your name in the header, click 'Manage My Account', and scroll down to where the credential IDs are listed. If you. An e-token is a free digital security token option delivered via a smartphone app called 'Symantec VIP Access'. To register your free e-token. Step one: Download the Symantec VIP Access app now. Step two: Visit your local branch or call us on 1300 236 344

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Symantec VIP Security Token Single 1 Pack by Symantec. Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. USER FRIENDLY: Symantec VIP Security products are easy to set up and operate. The user friendly design is simple, but offers big security. No support or training is required for operation. VIP is a new take on an old security practice, where a user is expected to have something they know (such as an account name and password combo), as well as something they possess (smartkey, token. Today, besides a physical Symantec VIP Security token or card, PayPal supports 2FA using SMS as well as the Symantec VIP Access soft token app available on smart phones (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry), feature phones, and even desktop PCs. For PayPal, the physical token is perhaps the most secure option, but it currently costs $30 (the original key fob was a more reasonable $5). The.

Add a new RADIUS authentication server and configure the IP Address, authentication and accounting ports as appropriate to your Symantec VIP 2FA server. Note that we DO NOT select Users authenticate using tokens or one-time passwords This is disabled so the original user prompt is for Username/Password. This information is passed to Symantec. Symantec's VIP offers several advantages to organizations looking to improve their security and meet compliance needs. First, no major capital investment is needed to deploy VIP, simply because it. For your security Symantec uses Symantec Secure Login as its identity provider. If you are an Information Centric Encryption customer, sign in using your credentials. For other Symantec security products, sign-in here. Create an Account Sign in Remember me on this device. Most Helpful Favorable and Critical Symantec VIP Access Manager Review Excerpts. How helpful reviews are selected Most Helpful Favorable Product Review. 5.0. September 25, 2020. Good product that can integrate to any systems to manage authentication. To allow the help desk to manage the rest of the organization seamlessly, Our whole company uses Symantec VIP Access Manager to implement robust. The Symantec VIP authenticator (token) can bring an extra layer of security to your accounts and protect them from unauthorized access and phishing attacks. Product information Package Dimensions 5.8 x 2.1 x 0.1 inches Item Weight 0.176 ounces ASIN B07X36ZBZL Customer Reviews: 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 rating. 5.0 out of 5 stars Date First Available August 29, 2019 Manufacturer Feitian Technologies.

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a) Install Symantec VIP credentials into mobile or on desktop b) Access new contract created and Enter user name password and when asked for token enter secure code generated by VIP credentials c) Submit form. Example TOTP verification code: public static void validateUser() throws RemoteException {String pathToP12File = /tmp/vip_cert.p12 The Symantec VIP Access app (e-token) gives you peace of mind by providing added security to your e-banking. It's free and convenient to use wherever you take your device! To register your free e-token. Step one: Download the Symantec VIP Access app now. Step two: Visit your local branch or call us on 1300 236 344. We will ask for your unique Credential ID to register you (visible when you. When the Symantec VIP multi-factor method toggle is On, it automatically enables the ability for a user receive a timed passcode on a Symantec VIP token. Issued Certificate Serial Number: The certificate serial number provided by Symantec. Host Whitelist: By default, two allowed URLs are included. You can add or modify URL entries. Symantec VIP.

They have been replaced by the Symantec VIP app linked below. There are 2FA security tokens and cards from Symantec. You can check if these tokens and cards are available at the link below — on the top right. You may also use the Symantec VIP app in place of a physical token. https://vip.symantec.co Er meinte, der Symantec VIP Security Token (die App) wird nicht mehr unterstützt Using the VIP Access mobile application: The third option shown above can be used to activate another type of security key with PayPal. I'm going to walk through the steps of using a mobile application for your PayPal security key to demonstrate how the third option can be used. First you will want to download. If you are using a physical token, push the button to display your security code. If you are using the Symantec VIP app, open the app on your mobile device to display your security code. Return to to Symantec VIP Access Manager provides options for deploying Strong Authentication that can be implemented at initial , in addition to a step-up policy for any web application that warrants it. Bundled connectors are built-in for: Symantec VIP Service One-time Password (OTP) Symantec Managed PKI Service digital certificates; RSA SecurID. A unified solution providing both two-factor and risk-based token-less authentication, VIP is based on open standards and can easily integrate into enterprise applications. Benefits. Enables compliance: Helps enable compliance by establishing controls over access to sensitive networks, applications, and dat

Secure, simple, strong authentication to your website or mobile app thats as easy as a touch of your finger. Watch this video and find out how VIP can bring. vip access free download - VIP Access, VIP Access for Windows 10, VIP Access for iPhone, and many more program Summary. You can generate Symantec VIP Access credentials and load them onto any Yubikey that supports TOTP or HOTP (i.e. any Yubikey that isn't blue).. If you don't already have a Yubikey, you might also consider a Symantec VIP Hardware Authenticator which is less than half the price of the Yubikey I used - but I already have the Yubikey and the Hardware Authenticator doesn't ship to the U Security Token Face ID Risk Based Authentication Voice Call. DATA SEET SMATEC VIP 02 Benefits Lower Total Cost of Ownership Symantec VIP offers their VIP service with all the aforementioned features in one flat, all-inclusive pricing. No premium tiers, no a-la-cart add-ons, no upfront costs. We believe your organization deserves the top-of-the-line security features to protect against. OTP-Token für VIP Hardware Authenticator: Amazon.de: Kamera. Zum Hauptinhalt wechseln. Prime entdecken DE Hallo! Anmelden Konto und Listen Anmelden Konto und Listen Warenrücksendungen und Bestellungen Entdecken Sie Prime Einkaufswagen. Elektronik & Foto . Los Suche Hallo.

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Symantec VIP Access Manager gives access to all the network and enables security of the company's data. It is a good security tool for one who has to urgently access the organization's network on a personal laptop/machine as well. It helps to provide an extra layer of security and ease of access to company data. With the growing culture of work. Download VIP Access - Add extra security to your online accounts and secure your transactions by using the Symantec Validation & ID Protection (VIP) service DA: 77 PA: 71 MOZ Rank: 31 Download the latest version of VIP Access for Mobile or. Symantec VIP Access Manager VIP Access Manager has great ease of us and allows for up to 5 separate concurrent devices per user and a backup temporary security code. It also allows you to see reports on s and change credentials in minutes THANK YOU SO MUCH. I have been searching for this forever. They truly hide the security token registration. It's like they want you to use SMS only. To clarify, the only way you can use an app for 2FA is to use the Symantec VIP Access app. (I had to get that despite the fact that all of my other authorization codes are generated by Authy.) Then.

How to set up VIP Access Token application on USER-OWNED COMPUTERS 1. Download Download 2. Register Download 3. Validate Download 2 Windows (non-Allstate laptop or desktop) Mac (non-Allstate laptop or desktop) 1. Go to https://vip.symantec.com. 2. Click Get VIP Access Desktop 3. Select VIP Access and click Get and Install 4 Symantec VIP provides two-factor and risk-based token-less authentication, to prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive networks and applications. Messaging Security. Symantec Email Security Platform provides complete cloud and on-premises email protection with integrated protection in real time. Web & Cloud Security. Symantec is driving a new definition of Web and Cloud security. By.

Why VIP Access for Mobile. VIP Access for Mobile is easy to deploy, can be used with any web-capable device and reduces the number of devices you have to carry. VIP Access can also be used on many other sites, such as eBay and PayPal. VIP Access for Mobile can be used by anyone on a paid OneLogin plan. Learn more about VIP Access for Mobile Now, I need to switch over to the VIP Access app, and copy the token from there, switch back, and paste it into my password field. Why not a flag, in NPM, which sets NPM to also fetch the token from VIP and append it to the password? Or even one that prompts for the security code from the token, when browsing on the desktop, so that you can enter the token, it's automagically added to the. Use your Verisign Identity Protection(VIP) token with myOneLogin for secure single signon to web application

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